• A Safe Space for the LGBTAI Community

    A Safe Space for the LGBTAI Community

  • Angels of Change After Party

    Angels of Change After Party

    OCT 24th
  • Rebellious Beauty

    Rebellious Beauty

    NOV 8th
  • Queer Fridays

    Queer Fridays

  • Neon


    NOV 15th
  • Tamboreras Tape Release

    Tamboreras Tape Release

    NOV 14th





Meet some of our volunteers!! Want to get involved? There’s various volunteering opportunities are available. Please inquire through our contact sheet.

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These are the perks of being on set and filming commercials. Donated food and salad for the rescues. 1 full bag can last up to 4 days and can feed our entire farm. As you can see they love it. The guinea pigs and rabbits love it even more. These are some of my happiness moments. Watching them snacks on food that was going to be thrown in the garbage after lunch is served. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi Friends,
Have you heard of Feminine Moments? They are an international resource about contemporary art made by lesbian, bisexual & queer women artists. They are so awesome they reach out to us and publish our event Rebellious Beauty coming to you Nov. 8th. Please share article with friends, check out their website and see all of the cool things they write about. We hope to reach more lgbtq artist who are searching for a safe space community to show their work.

Photo Credit: Raul Juarez AKA Rara MUA Mauricio Linares aka JACKK DANIEL
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